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At Followersheaven you can buy the best possibleBuy Instagram followersavailable on the market - at really fair prices and through mediation from a reputable provider. We help our customers to sustainably increase their reach and interaction with their profile. Followersheaven is a McAfee certified company. Trusted-Checkout certified online store. We value discretion, security and trustworthiness and help you increase your subscribers, your reach and your number of subscribers.

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Over 20,000 happy & satisfied followersheaven customers can't be wrong. Order the Instagram followers, we deliver. Buying Instagram followers to increase your reach is simple and easy and allows you to really take off. With us, you get a 30-day refill guarantee for your Instagram followers for a free refill of your purchased Instagram subscribers. This means that the number of followers remains stable for 30 days after the purchase, even if subscribers unfollow you.

Fast delivery

Follower orders are processed within a very short time - usually it takes 30-120 minutes after receipt of payment until the first Instagram followers arrive.

Guaranteed quantity

If any of our subscribers unfollow you within 30 days, we will refill for free. Within the 30 day refill period, we will automatically refill every 8h.

Best possible quality

We provide the best Instagram followers available on the market. The quality can fluctuate depending on the day, as Instagram has become very successful due to its efforts to delete bought follower profiles.

Fast help

Our customer support team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have during our support hours Monday through Friday within the opening hours of 9am and 6pm. We will answer as soon as possible.

100% secure and discreet

Our socialmedia agency is based in Germany - accordingly, our standards for quality, security and reliability are high.

Invoice with VAT.

Especially important for companies: With us you get a correct invoice as PDF download with VAT. The download link will be sent to you with the order confirmation.

FAQ: Instagram followers - frequently asked questions about buying Instagram followers

Are there any disadvantages or a downside to buying Insta followers?

The Instagram accounts we broker are available in different quality levels and countries of different origins in our store. This makes it easy to control the number of followers and the origin of the followers very well. It also allows you to design your follower portfolio according to your target audience. We see significant advantages in buying Insta followers for starting an Instagram account and for maintaining a follower count in the long run - you have the control in your own hands.

Which payment method can be used to buy Instagram followers from you?

In addition to Sofortüberweisung, Giropay and the usual credit cards, we also offer payment with cryptocurrency - so it is also possible to pay by Bitcoin or Ether via our payment partner Coinbase. PayPal as a payment method for our Instagram followers is unfortunately excluded in the meantime, as PayPal has excluded the Instagram Services business model, which has primarily to do with frequent chargebacks from customers in many stores.

Do I automatically get more likes on my pictures if I buy Insta followers?

Instagram Likes can come from purchased Instagram followers, but they don't have to. Some of the Instagram subscribers we have referred are active, others are not. The German HQ Likes are active, German subscribers who sporadically like images. However, we do not guarantee this.

Where are the differences in the followers I can buy at Followersheaven?

We have in the store exactly the followers you need for your profile. We have for you the international followers that serve purely as filler for your account. If you already have many followers, these are the right ones for your Instagram account. Do you have not yet so many followers or do you attach great importance to high-quality profiles? Then our international HQ followers are the right choice for you. With the country-specific HQ followers you can simulate a natural and slow growth. With these followers, a campaign is started and real Instagram users follow your account bit by bit. They follow with their real profiles which have profile pictures, posts, followers and stories and tag and use hashtags in their posts. If you have some time, want natural growth and want to match your followers to your already existing people by country, you are in the right place. Then we have our high end followers from different countries that you can choose. These are absolutely real and fast with you. The profiles are perfectly matched and not recognizable as bought. They do not unfollow and are limited. These are perfect for influencers who only need a few country-specific followers or businesses. The Instagram algorithm recognizes the followers as real users and helps you give your strategy a boost.

How do I get more Insta followers?

There are two ways to get new followers. First, you can buy Instagram followers here at Followersheaven, or you can develop your audience organically - bit by bit without buying. How this works most effectively is no secret, there is a strategy behind it that you have probably already thought about. At the beginning you should think about what you want to tell the people out there or what you want to show your audience. Of course, the best thing is something that you yourself enjoy. And you are ready to go. Set your post with meaningful captions and hashtags. If you are photographing nature or landmarks or even just places, you can also share your location. You can also tag friends who are featured in the post or inspired you to write the post and invite discussion. Make sure you get about 1000 likes at the beginning of your post, in the first 30 minutes. If not so many people follow you, you can also order HQ Likes from us. These are within a few minutes with you. Thus, your post automatically gets more reach, visibility, and people see your post that do not follow you yet. Thus, a wider audience gets the opportunity to follow you. Of course, this takes a little longer, but it is very sustainable.

Why can't I buy as many high end followers as I can with the HQ's?

Our High End profiles are limited to 250 user profiles per country. This is because they are real and very high quality profiles. Each profile has a realistic profile picture, good posts with Instagram likes, stories, comments, real followers and even follows real users. This ensures that it is not possible to distinguish the purchased high-end followers from the organically grown ones. However, we can only deliver 250 followers per Instagram account per country specification because the limitation does not allow more.

Why do companies buy Instagram followers?

It's similar to a retail store: you read an advertisement from a company and are interested. When you arrive at the store, you realize that no one is there and no one is interested. So you probably leave again. However, if the store is full and many people are looking at the goods, your interest is greater. It works the same way on Instagram. If more people follow the business, the target audience is more interested. If then still good hashtags are set and perhaps even Instagram Likes on the posts are bought to attract a wide Puplikum. In addition: from 10k followers, the swipe up function is activated. By swiping the story, users can be led directly to a product or to the company's website. Companies should include this in their strategy.

Why buy Insta followers at Followersheaven?

Those who want to buy Instagram followers often come across black sheep. Special care is required here, as most providers have neither customer service nor an imprint - and can thus do whatever they want with customers from abroad. Therefore, trust us as a marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will actively assist you during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

How high quality are the Instagram followers?

Quality is probably the most important aspect of buying Instagram subscribers. Our followers are of international origin. With a high mix of profiles, we make sure your growth looks as natural as possible. Your newly purchased followers will fit in well with the international environment of Instagram. Our profiles look as authentic as possible, have a profile picture, a profile description and often postings.

Is the payment for buying Insta subscribers one-time?

Yes, of course! We do provide Instagram followers, which are also called "Instagram subscribers" in German, but our service is paid by you only once and then delivered. If you want to buy more Instagram followers, you can easily place another order.

How long does it usually take for Insta followers to be delivered?

We know how important fast delivery is for our customers. That's why we start the order with our supplier as soon as we receive your payment: usually this is a process of a few minutes. The further processing of the followers depends on several factors at the supplier. For example, if the volume of orders is very high or there is an update in progress on Instagram, the start of delivery and the speed can be slow. We announce such cases in the online store. You can find information about the current delivery times on our support page.

What is needed to order Insta Followers?

In order to process your order quickly and smoothly, you only need to make sure of two things:

1. that you enter your Instagram username in the field above. correctly in the field above. (This is the name that appears next to your profile picture).
2. that your profile public visible, because we can't refer followers to private profiles.

That's it. Unlike other dubious providers, we will never ask you for your Instagram password!

Can my account be blocked by your Instagram followers?

We don't know of a single case so far, and that's logical: If accounts were blocked by buying followers, then competitors could maliciously and intentionally send tens of thousands of bad fake followers to the Instagram profile of an unwelcome competitor in order to have them blocked. However, because Instagram cannot track the origin of the followers, the accounts are not punished.

What does "buying quality Instagram followers" mean?

High-quality followers are followers with profiles that appear genuine through their own profile picture and activity in the form of postings. However, one should not be under the misconception that purchased Instagram followers replace real Instagram followers. So you should consider them as a supplement and not as a substitute, because no provider can replace that, who mediates purchased follower profiles.

Why do the purchased followers disappear from my Instagram profile?

Instagram does not prohibit buying followers in its policies. However, Instagram has set up an algorithm that finds purchased follower profiles very efficiently and deletes the profiles. What this means for you is that they will "unfollow" you from your profile again. We only offer follower packages with a 30-day refill option, i.e. these cost more than in other stores, but the followers are automatically refilled every 8 hours by our robot. In order to get the refill, it is important that the current follower quantity is not less than the quantity you had before your order at Followersheaven. Followers can be refilled only if the number is within this amount (before the purchase to after the purchase) and your profile is public.

What does "International Instagram followers" mean?

The followers are from different countries, which means that the follow process has been activated from different countries. So buying Instagram followers also means followers from a wide variety of countries. However, these have a focus on the Indo/Arab region and Russia.

Why don't Instagram followers stay on my account permanently?

Unfortunately, Instagram followers are relatively volatile - that is, they do not last permanently because Instagram tracks and deletes these profiles. For this, we have the 30-day refill on every follower product - this means that you can refill fresh within 30 days. Nevertheless, you should take a look at our blog to see how you can use clever use of purchased Instagram Likes and Hashtagging to quickly get real followers. Then the purchased Instagram followers are to be considered as a supplement.

Are the purchased Instagram followers active?

This question is asked relatively often. No - unfortunately only the HQ Instagram followers like as interaction sporadically. The regular Instagram followers are profiles served by machines, which means they don't like. At least not without payment. You must not forget that the followers are not "real" in the true sense, i.e. you buy some makeup for your Instagram profile with the Instagram followers. Unfortunately, this makeup is not permanent.

Do the Instagram followers come from Followersheaven?

Followersheaven buys the Instagram followers from international social media suppliers and refers them to you. This process is fully automated through our online store, we only have to intervene manually in case of minor problems. We have no influence on the delivery speed, but we always try to buy the fastest Instagram followers and make them available for you.

How can I make use of my 30 day refill?

We provide a 30 day refill for Instagram followers purchased from us, meaning we make up for follower losses for the inventory recorded at delivery. Followers that come from other suppliers or were ordered from followersheaven longer than 30 days ago cannot be refilled / compensated. This happens automatically. If you have any problems, just contact our support.

Am I still entitled to a refill if I have changed my Instagram name?

Unfortunately no. The delivery of the followers, also the refill over the duration of 30 days is bound to the Instagram username. If you change your username during this time and thus the URL under which your account is accessible or set your account to "Private" during this time, then the refill of your Instagram followers can no longer take place.

I no longer want to refill my purchased Instagram followers

This is not a problem. Just send us an email to and give us your store order number "#". We will then take your order out of the refill automatism in our system. Another possibility is of course to change the account to "Private", then no more followers can be delivered or refilled anyway.

Are the Instagram followers delivered all at once?

No, Instagram followers are delivered gradually, i.e. once the order has started in the supplier system, a maximum of 500 to 1,000 followers are delivered per day, depending on the state of Instagram and the workload of the suppliers. Faster delivery would be unnatural and have a negative impact on your Instagram profile. Your audience would notice if several thousand more people follow you from now on.

Will my order remain secret from Instagram subscribers?

Your data will only be used for order and payment processing. So you can be sure that everything is 100% discreet & anonymous. We serve many large & well-known customers and companies where secrecy and discretion is a top priority.

Is Followersheaven part of Instagram?

No, we are not part of Instagram. Followersheaven is a marketing agency that provides Instagram followers. We do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service. All trade names and logos shown are the property of the respective social network.