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At Followersheaven you can use the best possible Buy Instagram Followeravailable on the market at really fair prices and through the intermediary of a serious provider. We support our customers in the sustainable expansion of their reach and interaction with their profile. Followersheaven is one of McAfee's quality seals Trusted-Checkout. certified online shop. We attach great importance to discretion, security and trustworthiness and help you increase your subscribers, reach and number of subscribers.

Our range also grows daily

About 8.000 happy & satisfied follower-sheave customers within six months cannot be wrong. Order the Instagram Follower, we deliver. Buying Instagram Follower to increase your own range is simple and straightforward and allows you to get through properly. With us you will receive a 30-day Refill guarantee for your Instagram Follwer for a free refill of your purchased Instagram subscribers. Thus, even if subscribers should follow you, the number of followers remains stable after the purchase for 30 days.

Fast delivery

Follower orders are processed within the shortest time - Usually it takes 30-120 minutes after receipt of payment until the first Instagram Follower arrives.

Guaranteed number

If one of our subscribers follows you within thirty days, we will replenish it for free. Within the 30-day Refill period is automatically replenished all 8h.

Best possible quality

We provide the best Instagram Follower available on the market. Quality may vary depending on the day, as Instagram has been very successful in deleting follower profiles purchased through its efforts to delete.

Quick Help

Our customer support team will be at your disposal at our support times Monday to Friday during the opening hours of 9 and 18 o'clock if you have any questions. We'll respond as soon as possible.

100% safe and discreet

Our Social Media Agency is based in Germany and our demands for quality, safety and reliability are correspondingly high.

VAT invoice.

Particularly important for companies: We provide you with a correct invoice as a PDF download with recorded sales tax. The download link will be sent to you with the order confirmation.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Follower Purchase

Why buy at Followersheaven?

Those who want to buy Instagram Follower often run into black sheep. Particular attention is needed here, as most providers have neither a customer service nor an imprint, and therefore can do what they want with customers from abroad. Therefore, trust us as a German-based marketing agency. Our customer service will actively assist you during our opening hours working days from 9 to 18 o'clock.

How high are the followers?

Quality is probably the most important aspect when purchasing Instagram subscribers. Our followers are of international origin. A high mix of profiles ensures that your growth looks as natural as possible. Your newly purchased followers fit well into the international environment of Instagram. Our profiles look as authentic as possible, have a profile image, a profile description and often also postings.

Is the payment at Follower unique?

Yes, of course! Although we provide Instagram Follower, which is also called "Instagram subscribers" in German, our service is paid only once and then delivered by you. If you want to buy more Instagram Follower, you can simply order again.

How long does it usually take?

We know how important a fast delivery is for our customers. This is why the order starts with our supplier as soon as we have received your payment: usually this is a process of a few minutes. The further processing of the followers depends on several factors from the supplier. For example, if the order turnover is very high or an update is running on Instagram, the start of delivery and the speed can be slow. We announce such cases at the online shop. Information about the current delivery times can be found on our support page.

What is needed for the order?

In order to execute your order quickly and smoothly, you need only make sure of two things:

1. That you install your username in the field above correct specified. (This is the name that appears everywhere next to your profile image.)
2. That your profile public is visible because we cannot provide Follower to private profiles.

That's all there is to it. Unlike other non-profit providers, we will never ask you for your Instagram password!

Can my account be blocked by your Instagram Follower?

We do not know a single case so far, and this is also logical: if the purchase of Followern accounts were to be blocked, competitors could maliciously and intentionally send tens of thousands of bad fake followers to the Instagram profile of an unpleasant competitor to have them blocked. Because Instagram cannot understand where the followers come from, the accounts are not penalised.

What does "Buy Qualitative Instagram Follower" mean?

High quality followers are followers with profiles that really work through their own profile image and activity in the form of postings. However, one should not be under the mistaken impression that purchased Instagram Follower replaces the real Instagram Follower. So you should look at it as a supplement and not as a substitute, because that is not something that can be replaced by a provider that provides purchased follower profiles.

Why are the purchased followers disappearing from my Instagram profile?

Instagram does not prohibit the purchase of followers in its guidelines. However, Instagram has set up an algorithm that finds purchased Follower profiles very efficiently and deletes the profiles. This means for you that these will "disappear" from your profile again. We only offer follower packages with 30-day Refill option, i.e. these cost more t h an in other shops, but the followers are automatically filled every eight hours by our robot. In order to receive the Refill, it is important that the current Follower quantity is no less than the quantity you had before ordering from Followersheaven. Follows can only be filled if the number is within this quantity  (before purchase until after purchase).

What does "International Instagram Follower" mean?

The followers come from different countries, which means that the follow-up process has been activated from different countries. So buying Instagram Follower also means buying Follower from different countries. However, they have a focus in the Indo/Arab region and Russia.

Why don't the Instagram Follower stay permanently on my account?

The Instagram Followers are unfortunately relatively volatile, i.e. not permanently existing, because Instagram tracks and deletes these profiles. For this we have the 30-day Refill on every Follower product, which means that you can refill it in thirty days. Nevertheless, you should take a look in our blog at how to use purchased Instagram Likes and Hashtags comes quickly to real followers. Then the purchased Instagram Follower should be considered as a supplement.

Are the purchased Instagram Follower active?

This question is asked quite often. No - unfortunately only the HQ Instagram followers like the interaction only sporadically. The regular Instagram followers are profiles that are operated by machines, i.e. they don't like. At least not without payment. You shouldn't forget that the followers are not "real" in the real sense, i.e. you buy some makeup for your Instagram profile with the Instagram followers. Unfortunately, this make-up is not permanent.

Do the Instagram followers come from Followersheaven?

Followersheaven buys Instagram followers from international social media suppliers and passes them on to you. This process is fully automatic via our online shop, we only have to intervene by hand in the event of minor problems. We have no influence on the delivery speed, but we always endeavor to buy the fastest Instagram followers and make them available for you.

How can I use my 30 day refill?

We grant a 30-day refill for Instagram followers that were bought from us, i.e. we compensate for follower losses for the inventory that was recorded on delivery. Followers who come from other suppliers or who were ordered from followersheaven more than 30 days ago cannot be replenished / balanced.

Am I still entitled to a refill if I change my Instagram name?

Unfortunately, no. The delivery of the followers, including the refill over a period of 30 days, is tied to the Instagram user name. If you change your username and thus the URL under which your account can be reached during this time or set your account to "private" during this time, your Instagram followers can no longer be refilled.

I no longer want to refill my Instagram followers I bought

This is not a problem. Just send us an email to and give us your shop order number "#". We then take your order out of the refill automatism in our system. Another option is of course to switch the account to "private", then no more followers can be delivered or replenished anyway.

Are Instagram followers delivered at once?

No, Instagram followers are delivered step by step, i.e. once the order has started in the supplier system, a maximum of 500 to 1,000 followers per day will be delivered, depending on the state of Instagram and the load on the suppliers. Faster delivery would be unnatural and have a negative impact on your own Instagram profile.

Will my order remain secret?

Your data will only be used for order and payment processing. So you can be sure that everything is 100% discreet & anonymous. We look after many large and well-known customers where confidentiality and discretion have top priority.

Does Followersheaven belong to Instagram?

No, we don't belong to Instagram. Followersheaven is a marketing agency that instills Instagram followers. We do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service. All trade names and logos shown are the property of the respective social network.