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FAQ: frequently asked questions about buy Instagram Saves

Why buy from Followersheaven?

If you want to buy Instagram saves, views, likes or followers, you often come across black sheep. You should be particularly careful here, as most providers have neither German support nor an imprint with contact details - and can therefore do whatever they want with customers in Germany from abroad. Therefore, trust Followersheaven, a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be at your disposal during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

What are Instagram Saves?

Instagram Saves, as mentioned earlier, are nothing new. In fact, this interaction option appeared about two years ago as a handy way to save your favorite posts. Tapping the bookmark icon in the bottom-right corner of an Instagram post adds that particular post to your saved posts, making it easy to find it again.
Instagram also introduced collections - the ability to categorize your saved posts by topic, style, or other classification. This allows you to keep your saved posts organized. It's like creating a personalized library of your favorite Instagram posts!
But thanks to Instagram's smart algorithm and the ever-decreasing importance of Likes, Instagram Saves are now more important than ever!

Why Instagram Saves are so important

Recently, Instagram shook the social media world when the social media titan announced that it would be hiding Likes in posts in several countries. However, Instagram offers users a different measure of post popularity, the Instagram Save. The Instagram Save is not a new option for interaction. However, it is currently gaining traction and attention due to its groundbreaking potential within the Instagram algorithm and for engagement.

What role do Instagram saves play in my engagement?

The role Instagram Saves play in your engagement is getting bigger and bigger. For one, they are a massive value indicator for your audience. If your content gets a large number of users to save it and view it again later, it's a great sign of quality. Because you're apparently delivering what your audience really wants to see. Tracking your saves can therefore help you identify the best content that will engage your audience both immediately after posting and in the long term.
Finally, Instagram saves also have a crucial impact on where your posts rank in the algorithm, even if they are not visible to other users. More saved content is basically the best indication of quality, so Instagram prioritizes content with many saves.

How can I get Instagram Saves?

#1: Create infographic-style images:
Images that are information intensive are likely to be saved.

#2: Write longer and richer subtitles:
If you post a lot of valuable and interesting content in your captions, your followers will be more likely to save your posts.

# 3: Create evergreen content:
It could be a year-long calendar of events, a checklist, a 60-second training video, or a tutorial - whatever the content, make sure it's relevant for today, next week, next month, and even next year.

# 4: Follwersheaven:
The easiest way to get lots of Instagram Saves is to buy them from Followersheaven. Building a dedicated community of followers on Instagram can be extremely time consuming and power draining. That's where Followersheaven's services come in, having provided many a now-popular account with valuable engagement right from the start. Just like Likes, Followersheaven gives you real Instagram Saves that give your account the kickstart it needs to succeed on Instagram!