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At Followersheaven, you get Instagram Story Views for your Instagram Story at great prices and delivered quickly. The Story Views are suitable for influencers, individuals and companies who want to increase their reach. We place great value on security and trustworthiness - that's why our online shop has been awarded the McAfee Trusted Checkout seal of approval.

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Instagram Story Views for your Instagram Stories

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Our system automatically executes the orders 24/7 and sends them to our service providers. It usually takes only a few minutes until you have received the Instagram Story Views.

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We refer Instagram Story Views from medium quality profiles. To increase your reach, it doesn't matter how good the quality of the Instagram Story Views is - but they should get to you quickly.

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We will help you with your questions during our opening hours on weekdays from Monday to Friday. You can find contact details on our Support page.

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Our company is based in Germany. This makes communication with us in German and English very easy. We stand for data and transaction security for our customers.

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FAQ: Instagram Story Views Set New Standards Among Influencers

What are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram Stories are photos or short videos that are deleted after 24 hours. This new format allows brands and businesses efficient ways to place their products. Influencers with a larger reach have the opportunity to link to Story ADs. This is how collaborations with different companies work. Followers can check out this content. The more people follow the Instagram Story, the more views of a Story one gathers and the greater the reach of the Instagram profile on the platform. The influencer's visibility and reputation increase. The influencer interacts directly with his fans. If he uses strong hashtags in the Instagram Story, there is a high probability that the Story Views will be significantly higher than the number of followers or likes of the profile. As a result, story views are an important medium for increasing reach and awareness.

What's the point of Instagram Story Views?

Instagram Story is a new way to express yourself and your message. The News Feed moves into the background. Followers can actively click through the story of the influencer. A dynamic interaction between fans, the influencer interacts with his followers. Meanwhile, Instagram Story views or views say more than follower counts or likes about an Instgrammer's reach. They enable a new kind of reach and reach optimization. With popular hashtags, stories become part of an algorithm that can multiply Instagram Story views by increasing the reach within the platform.

How do I get Instagram Story views?

There are two ways to get views. The number increases as more users consume your story. As your follower count increases, the amount of views you get increases. If the content is shared with strong hashtags, Instagram's algorithm allows for more clicks and views. Actively promoting new followers is very time consuming. The positioning of your profile needs to be very specific to potential new followers. The competition within your target group is very high due to the high number of Instagram users. This further complicates reach optimization.
To reach your goal faster, you can buy Instagram Story Views in our shop. You'll become better known and can use your reach promptly for collaborations and commercial postings. Our tip is to buy a slightly higher number of Story Views for each shared Story than before. This way, the process is dynamic. Make sure to match your Instagram Story Views to your follower count.

Can you buy Instagram Story Views?

Views cannot be bought directly. Special social media shops represent a kind of mediation between influencer and supplier. Bot users as well as real users are used for this. The process of mediating story views is automated and works via a special IT system. You can get quick views from Bots that represent medium quality. High quality "HQ Views" come from real users. They are more elaborate. Because of this, they cost more and don't work as fast as botviews as instant delivery.

What are the different types of Instagram Story Views?

We offer different services for Instagram Story views. At followersheaven, you can get views for your most recent story, which is the story you posted last. With this kind of Instagram Story Views you increase the reach of a current post enormously. Furthermore, there is the possibility to distribute views to all existing Stories. You can still differentiate whether you prefer to receive Story Views from male profiles or female profiles. All you have to specify during the ordering process is your Instagram name and the amount of views you want to receive.

What is needed for the order?

In order for your order to go smoothly, you need to pay attention to two things:

Firstly, it is important that you enter the correct link to your story in the field above. (To get the link, click on "Copy link" in the bottom center of your story).
Second, your Instagram Story must be public and visible to everyone. We can't give views to private profiles.

It's as simple as that. Unlike rogue providers, we will never ask you for your password.

Are Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, and Story Views the same thing?

No, Instagram Story views are not the same as followers and likes. Instagram followers are users who follow your profile. They will see each of your new pictures in the News Feed. Your new Instagram stories are also suggested to them. Instagram followers are viewers of your entire channel, so to speak.
You get Instagram Likes per picture you share. Your followers can like your post with the little heart under the picture. The more likes a picture has, the better it is received by users. If your profile is public, Instagram users who don't follow you will also see your new picture. This depends on your hashtags. If you use strong, popular hashtags as your image description, the Instagram algorithm a large reach. The more users your picture is suggested to, the more likes you can get.

Should my Instagram profile be public before I buy views?

No. The important thing is that your Instagram Story is absolutely public before you buy Story views. Your profile can still be private. Please use the exact link of the story to buy likes from us. You can copy the URL of your post to the clipboard in the Instagram app.

Why should I buy Instagram story views from you guys?

We are a reputable social media agency based in Germany. Many dubious providers have neither a German customer service nor a German imprint. This means that they do not have to comply with German law and can do whatever they want.

Where do your Instagram Story views come from?

The quality of the story views is of great importance. After all, the purchase should remain secret. We offer a mix of countries from all over the world. This way, the views match the international positioning of the app. Our HQ Views come from real profiles. These usually feature a profile picture, a profile description and their own followers. Posts are shared on them.

Can buying Instagram Story views be harmful to my account?

Buying Story Views is neither forbidden nor harmful to your Instagram account. Instagram indicates in its community guidelines that you shouldn't do it. However, the app thrives on clicks, views and increasing your reach. Interaction between influencers and followers plays an important role. We make sure that the views look organic and authentic. Your task is to create good content. Use strong hashtags that draw other users to your page.

Doesn't it come out when I buy Instagram story views?

We pay a lot of attention to discretion. The Instagram Story Views we offer come from all over the world. Our HQ Views are made from real Instagram profiles. This creates an international mix of your purchased views. You should make sure that your purchased views match your follower count. After all, you still want your profile to be authentic and real.

Can I pay for your Storie Views with a credit card?

Payment by credit card in our shop is also possible. You have the option to pay with VISA or MasterCard. Simply select the desired payment method - secure and discreet.

Can I pay for Instagram Story Views with Sofortüberweisung?

Yes - in addition to Giropay, we also offer the option of instant bank transfer via Klarna. For this you need a current account. The order is automatically communicated to the supplier.

Will my order remain secret?

In any case! Discretion, authenticity and speed are very important to us. We use your data only for ordering and payment. If you want, we will send you special offers. Your data remains in your possession under the protection of We serve many big customers and influencers who appreciate our discreet service.

How long does it take for the purchased views to arrive at my story?

Instant delivery of Instagram Story Views is very important to us. The delivery of the Story Views usually takes between 10 and 60 minutes. In extreme cases or with HQ views, delivery can take a maximum of a few hours. You can find more information on our support page.

Why buy from Followersheaven?

If you want to buy Instagram Story Views, Saves, Views, Likes or Followers, you often come across black sheep. You should be particularly careful here, as most providers have neither German support nor an imprint with contact details - and can therefore do whatever they want with customers in Germany from abroad. Therefore, trust Followersheaven, a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be at your disposal during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.