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FAQ: Instagram Story Swipe Up Feature

What is the Instagram Swipe up feature?

The Swipe Up function of Instagram Stories means the "wipe up" of the screen while playing a story. Influencers use Swipe Up to better and more directly market the products of their advertising partners. The story advertises a product or service that can be reached by simply swipe up the followers. The contact between the advertising partner and the end customer is thus established. Companies, on the other hand, use this function exclusively for their own purposes, so of course only their own services and products are linked behind the Instagram Stories.

How can I set up the Swipe up feature in my Stories?

The integration of Swipe up actually works quite simply. You need a URL that you want to link to your Story as an Inbound Link. As a rule, this is the landing page of your advertising partner or simply a page that you want to market. If you are in the Edit mode of your Story, tap the small chain icon at the top of the editor. A Dialog opens with an input field for a URL. There you have to complete the Copy the web address you received from your advertising partner to the clipboard of your mobile phone and paste it there (tap, hold and then tap paste) and thus link. In the simplest case, e.g. your subscribers can then Swipe Up on your Story to the home page of

What are the requirements for using the Instagram Swipe up function?

To use the Swipe up feature, you must have reached the magic limit of 10,000 followers. With fewer followers, this feature is not available to you. Of course, you always have the opportunity to replenish your followers by visiting followersheavenBuy Instagram followers select. Purchased followers count as well as natural ones-but don't think about working too close to the 10,000 followers, because if you fall below this limit, then this little Trick has been lost and the function of Instagram Swipe up is gone for now.

What are the benefits of my followers using the Instagram Swipe up function?

You can interact with your followers. Due to its limitation with the 10,000 followers, Swipe Up is not accessible to all Instagram users. There are other ways to interact in Instagram Stories, such as using Polls. You can use the poll stickers to start interactive, time-limited surveys in your Story. Furthermore, there is the possibility to use chat stickers (Join Chat) in your Instagram Story to create a group chat with up to 32 Participants. For this, however, it actually needs a larger Community for a reaction / interaction to come about.

What benefits do sponsors and companies have from the Instagram Swipe up function?

Sponsors select an Audience / target group to match the intended target group of their customers, with which they can generate additional customers. If an Instagram Influencer now blogs a lot about cosmetics, the probability is quite high that at some point sponsors will also get in touch to agree on an advertising deal. How this looks concretely and how much is paid per Posting is completely different. However, it is clear that as a company it is very purposeful to potential prospects of a target group can generate very good Traffic for their own website or even sales.

Is it true that you can also link IGTV with accounts that have fewer than 10,000 users?

In July 2020, there were reports in several forums that Instagram was apparently testing this feature for accounts that have fewer than 10,000 subscribers. Instead of linking external websites, you could link your own IGTV posts via URL. The feature hasn't made it to the Instagram platform completely yet, but obviously it was in use by some users and could be tested for a while. It remains to be seen whether the IGTV link will prevail as a standard.

Does my Instagram account need to be verified to use Swipe Up?

No - it only applies to the limit of 10.000 Followering, then you can use the Instagram Swipe Ups function. Verification of your account is therefore not necessary, although the myth that verification is necessary persists.

What are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram Stories are photos or short videos that are deleted after 24 hours. Find out more about the Instagram Stories and Story Views in the category Instagram story Views. The Instagram Stories are the basis for the Instagram Swipe Up function and so you have to deal with it.