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TikTok Views are simple and very good follower interactions for your TikTok post. Besides TikTok Hearts, you can also buy TikTok Views - as 24h instant delivery and at heavenly prices on your post. TikTok Views are excellent for TikTok Influencers who want to increase their reach via TikTok Views and the TikTok algorithm to get more visibility and more TikTok clicks. Our TikTok Views come from real TikTok users - that is, TikTokers. We take great care to deliver our TikTok Views in a discreet and reputable manner. Security and trustworthiness is extremely important to us. For this reason, our online shop has been awarded the McAfee seal of approval Trusted Checkout.

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TikTok Views for your TikTok posts

Over 8,000 satisfied users can't be wrong! Whether you want to buy a few or many TikTok views for your clips on the TikTok platform, you will find it here.

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The orders are processed immediately: It usually only takes a few minutes for you to receive your TikTok Views. Please note the delivery times in the product description.

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We provide TikTok views from good and active accounts that interact with your short films: many views come from real profiles with their own videos.

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Heavenly savings prices for our low-priced TikTok Views are available in a package starting at just €1.99 Don't miss out on this opportunity - delivery starts automatically.

Quick help

You have questions about our services? No problem - Monday to Friday on weekdays we are available for you. Please use the contact options of our Support page Contact us.

100% secure and discreet

Our company is based in Germany and not in a suspect Hong Kong company. Accordingly, we take responsibility, are serious and are available for our customers.

VAT invoice

Especially important for companies. We automatically deliver an invoice PDF with every order, which is linked in the order e-mail and can be downloaded at any time.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about buying TikTok Views

What are TikTok Views or TikTok Clicks?

Every time a user or one of your followers watches one of your short videos on TikTok, the platform counts it as a view. Each time a view occurs as a viewing of your clip, the video becomes a bit more "important". This evaluation takes place through the TikTok algorithm, because this evaluates the view as a social interaction. If you get many views and many likes, i.e. hearts, after publishing your clip, the algorithm evaluates this positively and plays your short video accordingly more often with other users, your reach increases. That's why it's worth buying TikTok Views and TikTok Likes shortly after publishing your clip, because more interaction from real users follows in the airstream of the TikTok services.

How do TikTok Views help me get more reach?

Everyone knows the phenomenon from themselves: When many users have viewed a TikTok post and like it, you look at it to see what's so stirring about the post. It's the same with your followers. Once many people have seen your short video gets a higher reach - more importance. If your followers now also like your video, you will automatically - organically - get more hearts. Your clip becomes more interesting, the reach increases. Our tip: With the Buying TikTok hearts you can push your video additionally.

How much access to my profile do I have to give when I buy TikTok Views?

Buying TikTok Clicks is absolutely safe and discreet for you and of course your profile. You only have to make sure that your account is "public" when you buy. We take care of everything else. Just enter the URL in the field provided. Of course we don't need any passwords or other access. So your profile is guaranteed safe and the purchase of TikTok Views inconspicuous.

When will my Tik Tok views be delivered?

Our delivery is fully automated. For you this means: You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The delivery of the Tik Tok Views usually starts within 1-2 hours. As soon as all views are delivered you will receive a confirmation mail from us. Through our immediate delivery you ensure a fast and effective response to your clips and helps you to push your account.

Why buy from Followersheaven?

If you want to buy TikTok views, likes or followers, you will often come across black sheep in the industry. You should be particularly careful here, as most providers have neither German support nor an imprint with contact details - and can therefore do whatever they want with customers in Germany from abroad. Therefore, trust Followersheaven, a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be at your disposal during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

When should I buy Tik Tok Views?

The rule here is: as soon as possible. It's best to think about what you want to buy before you put your video online. Here you should take into account that views alone bring you more reach, but the potential is not yet exhausted. It's best to point out in advance on the other social media platforms that soon a new short video of yours will go online, make your fans curious, use your network. Hereby you make sure that other users become aware of you. Then think about how many views you want to push your clip. Through our instant delivery it is possible to order at any time of the day or night, so 24 hours a day. So you can still order after a few hours, if the views should not be enough for you. Remember to think about Tik Tok hearts and maybe TikTok fans. Our instant delivery usually starts after 1-3 hours for TikTok Views. You can find more details in the product description. For other products for TikTok and other platforms, you will also find the delivery times in the product descriptions. As soon as your video is online it's time: Fire away! Now is the right moment to order.