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For followers, you can Youtube Likes buy or Youtube Likes for your video posts at a fair price and immediately delivered and at unbeatable prices. For influencers, companies and also private individuals. Our followerheader online shop ordering process has been certified by McAfee with the trustmark Trusted Checkout, because we place a particularly high value on security and trustworthiness.

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Over 8,000 customers can't be wrong! No matter if you want to buy only a few or thousands of Youtube Likes, you will find it with us.

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The orders are sent immediately and automatically (24/ 7) after you have been paid to our suppliers. The delivery of your YouTube likes begins shortly afterwards.

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We convey Youtube Likes from high quality and active Youtube accounts. With the purchase of the YouTube Likes you will receive 30 days Refill Guarantee, i.e. when you unliken your Likes will make up-just write us an email for this.

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Good prices for our cheap Youtube Likes: from just a few € you get our thumbs up Likes. This will give you more reach and recognition on Youtube for the implementation of your social media strategy.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the topic Youtube Likes

What are YouTube Likes?

Likes are among the most important features for interacting on YouTube. You share as YouTuber, the users, and last but not least the algorithm, how viewers assess the content of your videos. You can find the YouTube Likes including the actual number directly under the titles of the videos with the common symbol "thumbs up". In addition, the dislikes stand with the symbol "thumbs down".

How useful are YouTube Likes for me as YouTuber?

Likes are the clearest way of feedback on YouTube. Many users take the number of likes as a decision-making tool, whether or not they should click on content on the platform. YouTube Likes thus directly affect the YouTube views, i.e. the number of users who see your video. Likes and views are again two key metrics that the algorithm uses from YouTube to make recommendations. Recommendations help your channel to have a clear increase in visibility among users.

Is it useful to buy YouTube Likes?

Every YouTuber has started small once. Influencers, whose fans are now in millions to count, once had to upload the first videos and win subscribers through attractive content. Compared with the early days of YouTube in the zero years, it is much more difficult today to make a name for itself through content and organic growth alone.

That's why many YouTubers engage in professional marketing strategies alongside good content and intense interaction in the comments. Buying Likes can be an important part of it. Today, the practice belongs to the standard, so it is neither uncommon nor ruthless.

Who can see my YouTube Likes?

YouTube Likes are a public part of the interaction on your channel. That means: Every user on YouTube, can see the likes. The same also applies to viewers who are not registered users and watch your video without having their own account. This public underlines once again the importance of the YouTube Likes.

Who can give my videos a Like?

Any user who has an account and is logged in can like to give your videos a Like. There is no provision for a multiple levy. However, it is possible to delete YouTube Likes again at a later date.

Do you see who gave the YouTube Likes?

No, the submission of YouTube Likes is anonymous. That may seem negative for the YouTuber at first, but it has its meaning. If each Like and especially each dislike would be visible to the user, an endless sequence of complaints would occur.

Can blocked users still rate my videos?

Yes. If you're blocking someone on YouTube, he can't comment on your videos and give you no more news. However, the reputation and the evaluation of the videos is still possible.

What is the Like-Dislike Ratio?

The Like-Dislike-Ratio expresses the ratio of the YouTube likes and dislikes. Usually, the ratio is expressed as a percentage. For example, if you have 1,000 ratings, which are composed of 900 likes and 100 dislikes, the Like-Dislike ration is 90%. If you are unhappy with a ratio, purchased Likes can be a good way to move the Ratio inconspicuously to your favor.

Is it safe to buy YouTube Likes?

If you decide to buy YouTube Likes here at FollowersHeaven, you'll be on the safe side. We are unable to make any statements about any of our competitors.

Will my YouTube account be blocked when I buy YouTube Likes?

No, this danger does not exist with the high-quality YouTube Likes active accounts as we use them. You also have no threat of devaluation through the algorithm and also no other disadvantage.

Do purchased Likes have a positive effect on YouTube recommendations?

Yes. It is completely indifferable to the algorithm of YouTube whether you have bought the likes from us or received it from another user of the platform. In any case, likes will increase the chance that YouTube will take you into account.

Can you buy YouTube Dislikes with you?

No, it's not possible. It would mean making other users on YouTube bad. We reject that and you should reject such a practice. Imagine if someone ordered us to buy negative reviews for your videos and harm you. No pleasant thought. FollowersHeaven therefore relies exclusively on positive services for your presence.

How much does the YouTube Likes cost to FollowersHeaven?

With FollowersHeaven, you can buy Likes at reasonable prices. Even for a few euros, you will receive the positive reviews for your social media presence on YouTube.

How many YouTube Likes should I buy?

That cannot be said in general terms. The number of likes should fit to the number of subscribers, to the extent of the other interaction like comments and the calls of your content. Dismissals between subscribers, comments and likes can quickly seem unnatural. A well-dosed number, on the other hand, has a clearly positive effect, and remains realistic.

Who learns of my purchase of the likes at FollowersHeaven?

No one learns about your purchase of the likes with us. We assure you the highest degree of discretion. This is one of the self-evident qualities of our quality standards.

How much do you earn on YouTube per subscriber, view, like, and click?

Subscribers, views, likes and clicks can be divided into indirectly and directly monetizable categories. Subscribers and Likes are included in the category of indirectly monetized key figures. Indirectly through the algorithm, they exert an influence on the evaluation and visibility of the videos, which is not to be underestimated. As a result, they form an important part of the basis for the two directly monetarisable key figures: the views and clicks of the users.

Views and clicks refer to the advertisements that viewers see on your channel or click. YouTube provides a number of different display formats, such as display screens to the right of the video, and overspringable and non-skippable ads, which are displayed during the videos.

It is at the discretion of the advertisers, whether they want to pay by view or by clicking. The Youtuber, the subscribers and the algorithm have no influence on it. Generalizing statements about how much money you earn with the advertising imitates can hardly be taken seriously. As a rough guideline, you can set about 1 euro per 1,000 views/clicks of your viewers for a smaller channel. That is equivalent to about 2,000 euros for 2 million clicks.

Why shop with Followersheaven?

Who's YouTube Likes, Buy YouTube Clicks, Buy YouTube Shares or Buy Instagram Likes, Buy Instagram Views or Buy Instagram followers Often, it encounters black sheep on the Internet. Here you should be particularly careful, since most providers do not have a German support or an imprint with contact data-and can therefore do what they want from abroad with the customers in Germany. Therefore, trust with followers on a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be available for you during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Where do the Youtube Likes come from?

From which accounts the Likes come from, is probably one of the most important features when buying Youtube Likes. Our likes come from Youtube profiles mainly of international origin, because we make sure through this mix that your views are as natural as possible and fit perfectly into the international environment of Youtube.

How long does it usually take?

The right timing is crucial: That is why we start the delivery of Youtube Likes as soon as we receive your payment and have checked the order: as a rule, within a few minutes. Youtube Likes will usually be delivered on your Youtube post in a timely manner after ordering. If an order is not delivered within 24 hours, please contact our support team.

What is needed for the order?

In order to be able to execute your order quickly and smoothly, you only have to pay attention to three things:

1. That this is a normal and public Youtube video post.

2. That you have the correct link to the desired video in the form in the field above angibst. (To get the link, click on the URL in the URL line and copy the link).

3. That your profile is publicly visible, since we can not convey Youtube Likes to private profiles.

Is the payment unique?

Yes, the selected package is only paid once and then delivered once. If you want to buy another Youtube Likes, then you can simply place a new order.

Does followers ' header belong to Youtube?

No, we don't belong to Youtube. Followerheader is a marketing agency that conveys Instagram views and other social media services. We do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service, and all trade names and logos shown are the property of the respective social network.

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