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Please note: In order to Highend Germany Instagram Likes to be able to receive, your profile must public be visible - not private.
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Buy German Instagram Likes - Highend Quality

  • German Instagram Likes come from the best available profiles
  • 100% German Instagram Likes
  • 100% secure, discreet delivery
  • Simply enter the URL of your Insta posting and order
  • Stable Instagram Likes through real profiles
  • Medium speed: Instagram Highend Likes do not arrive as fast as the regular Instagram Likes
  • Best Instagram Likes profiles: please note the examples from the screenshots.
  • Focus on high quality, delivery speed medium

You will receive very high quality German Instagram Likes for the Instagram image or video postyou specify .

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Highend Germany Instagram Likes

Why should I buy German Instagram Likes?

There is a simple answer: the German Instagram Likes are more suitable for your German Instagram profile compared to the international ones. Basically, you can choose from our Instagram services in our shop and select your nationality. Our German Instalikes have no daily limit, there is only a limit per post, which is a maximum of 200 German Instagram Likes - so no daily limit, if you want to populate multiple posts with a maximum of 200 high-end German Instalikes, that's possible.

How can I actually order your German Instalikes?

Ordering is very simple. First, you need the unique web address / link of your image / posting. To do this, you can in the Instagram app after you have posted your image or video simply call the posting and select the menu item "Copy link" with the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. The link is now in the clipboard. Now you can paste the link from the clipboard on this page in the input field "Insert link to post". The clipboard is called up by long tapping on the input field and then selecting the paste function. The content of the clipboard will be inserted and you can order the desired quantity. Your post will be liked by our German profiles shortly.

Who is the contractual partner when arranging the German Instagram Likes?

The service contract when concluding the order - i.e. the contract - takes place between followersheaven and you - so we are your contractual partner for your order. We obtain our services by contract from so-called providers who have German Instagram users in their portfolio, who are referred to you and are our contractual partner in the internal relationship. For more information about the terms of the contract when buying German Instagram Likes, please see our terms and conditions. Here you can find more information about the contract and the contractual partner.

When will the order be executed if I buy German Instagram Likes from you?

The order is executed automatically and immediately by our provider. Our system is fully automated - so is the performance of the service. When exactly the order is executed there depends on the workload of the provider and the workload of the platform (Instagram). Since German Instagram Likes are purchased exclusively in German-speaking countries, the delivery is very timely. The processing time and start of the processing takes place within a few hours.

Which user profiles do you mediate for German Instagram Likes?

The user profiles of the Highend Likes are selected and all extremely high-quality, i.e. with posts, not excessively high followers, active and attractive. They are practically the most beautiful Instagram user profiles that we can provide to our clients through referrals by order.

Do you also offer the German Instalikes as autolikes?

Currently, we only offer this service on demand, as volumes need to be negotiated beforehand. An Autolikes subscription via German high-end Instalikes can quickly become very expensive and we would like to discuss this with you personally. For the German Autolikes / Instalikes please contact our support at the email: info@followersheaven.de

How many high-end German Instagram Likes can I get per post?

Per Instagram post (image / video) a maximum of 250 German Instagram Likes are possible in one order from individual users. This limit is due to the maximum availability of user profiles at our supplier. There is no daily limit, because you can get up to 250 German Instagram Likes from different users on different posts.

What is the interaction rate?

The interaction rate comes from online marketing and describes the ratio of visitors and actions in percent. An action can be, for example, a like of your post. If you have 100 profile visitors and 3 likes, then your interaction rate is 3%.

How many customers are using followersheaven?

As we have now been in the market since 2019 we have an ever growing customer base. As of July 2021, we have well over 20,000 customers using our services. Of our customers who buy from the store, about 70% of our customers are using our services for the second time or more. This speaks to the satisfaction of our customers, many have been relying on our social services for several years.

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