Instagram Autolikes distribute to your posts automatically after your post is published.

Instagram autolikes

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Please note: In order to Instagram autolikes to be able to receive, your profile must public be visible - not private.
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Instagram Autolikes for your Instagram posts

  • Get more engagement on Instagram with auto likes on your new posts
  • Pre-book a number and always get them automatically after a new post
  • You post, our server automatically delivers the likes
  • Real Instagram profiles: authentic and stable
  • Delivery speed: medium for organic growth
  • Start after 1-8h, approx. 500 Likes / 24h
  • Quality good: real profiles with or without profile picture, with followers, partly private / public
  • Only for public Instagram profiles
  • Start after 1-8h, ca 500 Likes / 24h
  • Meaning of choices:
    • Quantity: number of likes delivered per posting.
    • Number of postings: Number of postings, which will be delivered with likes (specified quantity) after ordering
    • Delay: Time in minutes that should pass after posting until the Likes start arriving

You will receive Quantity * Number of Postings Instagram Auto Likes for your public Instagram account to increase your engagement and reach.

By placing your order for Instagram Auto Likes, you are assuring us that your Instagram profile will be public when images / posts are published and will remain public until all Likes are delivered. For "On/Off" - i.e. profiles that are frequently public / non-public we do not guarantee a reliable delivery of likes!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Instagram autolikes

What are Instagram Autolikes?

Instagram Autolikes are a very useful tool, because how quickly have you forgotten after posting a picture on Instagram that you are ordering Likes to mediate on your picture. With the help of Instagram Autolikes, the Likes are automatically conveyed to you after you post a new picture . So you can make building your reach for your post a lot easier - just order a certain number of Likes in advance and they will be sent automatically per post.

Can Instagram autolikes be distributed to existing images?

No, unfortunately you can't. Autolikes are designed to only be delivered to new images. However, this makes things very calculable for the next few posts and, most importantly, very controllable for you in terms of measuring your reach.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription or monthly package to get Instagram Autolikes?

No - we do not offer subscription models or a monthly package. Rather, the Instagram Autolikes model is a prepaid account. For example, you order 10 posts with 100 likes each and pay for a total of 1,000 Instagram Likes. When the 10 posts are used up, you can order yourself a new Instagram Autolikes package and get the Autolikes just like that. We also don't run a model like a monthly package - even though we get asked that occasionally :-) A monthly package is a completely different service and cannot be compared to the Autolikes service. In order for the "auto" process to take place in the exchange, our software has to recognize virtually every time you have a new post.

What information do I need to provide when ordering Instagram Auto Likes?

We just need your Instagram username and the number of likes you want per post, and the number of publications you've ordered in advance. Then you're all set to go. Immediately after ordering and receiving payment, your Autolikes account is created and you can publish. It is very important that your Instagram account is public - we cannot deliver Autolikes or the normal Instagram Likes to private Instagram accounts.

What are the benefits of using Instagram Autolikes?

It makes a lot of things very easier, because the interactions in the form of Likes just "come flying" so to speak - without you having to frantically order them after you post. You can practically watch your post comfortably as the interaction grows on the like counter.

Are there differences in the quality of Instagram autolikes?

Qualitatively no, speed-wise - yes. The HQ Instagram Autolikes, which we also carry in our range, start faster and are faster in the growth of Like referral, i.e. the referral time is shorter.

Where do the auto Instagram Likes come from?

Our Like profiles are international for both products - but just at different speeds. For whom a fast build-up of Views or Likes is important, should always choose the HQ Services in our shop. The profiles have posts and their own Instagram feed, so they are authentic and have credibility.

Are the Instagram autolikes delivered 24/7?

Yes - and yes :-). Firstly, we install the service fully automatically - the important thing is the successful completion of the order and payment. After that, the service is set up and the first, new image can be delivered. The delivery of the Likes is also fully automatic - important: Your Instagram profile must be switched public, so that your posts are recognizable for our software and can be identified as new posts.

What do I have to take care of myself so that I can receive Instagram Auto Likes?

Make your profile public when ordering and keep it public. Very important - who switches profile public / private / public / private, risks that our software deactivates the ordered autolikes. A delivery will then no longer take place automatically and you must contact our support.

Why should I choose Followersheaven as my provider?

We are with more than 20.000 customers one of the longtime and experienced providers in Germany and have a large provider network with high reach. We select the best services of different providers from our network and mediate them to our users - discreetly and secretly.