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TikTok Shares to buy

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TikTok Shares for your video / clip

  • International profiles, medium quality
  • 100% secure and discreet
  • Start delivery is usually within 1-2h
  • Quality: Real TikTok profiles, some with photos, public and private profiles
  • Just enter TikTok video link - e.g.

You will get after the order international  TikTok sharesfor your public TikTok profile will be delivered to your post automatically.

By ordering TikTok Shares you confirm that your TikTok profile ispublic is public.

Please send us the URL of a post for the delivery of TikTok shares - not that of your profile!

If you send us the link to your profile, the views cannot be delivered.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TikTok Shares

What are TikTok Shares?

TikTok Shares are a way to share content on the social media-platform TikTok. When a user shares a post from another user, it is saved in their own profile and can therefore be viewed by their followers. Sharing a post increases the reach of the original post and can generate more clicks. TikTok's algorithm also takes into account the number of shares when rating a post. The more shares a video has, the higher its chance of greater reach within the platform. Therefore, TikTok shares are very important for many influencers and content creators to make their videos more popular and gain new followers.

Does it make sense to buy TikTok Shares?

It makes sense to buy TikTok Shares especially for the start on the TikTok platform. Especially at the beginning, a high percentage of shares can increase the success of a video on the platform and thus increase the reach. However, this also depends heavily on the algorithm, which decides which content is visible to users. In addition TikTok clicks and viewers should not be generated solely by purchased shares. High visibility does not yet mean long-term engagement of TikTok subscribers or an increase in engagement with the content.

Is it visible when you have bought TikTok shares?

It is not visible that one has bought TikTok Shares. The services of TikTok Shares providers guarantee a certain level of anonymity and discretion. There is no way for viewers or subscribers to know whether the views were generated organically or were obtained by buying shares. The advantage of buying TikTok Shares is that it allows one to build the network faster and thus gain more reach. By purchasing this service, one can increase their visibility and thus attract potential new followers.

How long does it take for TikTok Shares to be delivered?

After paying for the service through our online store, it usually takes 1-2 hours for the service to start with our providers and the TikTok Shares are delivered within 24h - usually even faster.