5 Tipps, wie Du mit Instagram auf Reisen erfolgreich bist

5 Tips how to succeed with Instagram on travel

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Reiseblogger gibt es auf Instagram viele. But the least successful is to fill their page with exciting and relevant content for many users. In this post we give you five factors that it is important to have success with Instagram on travel.

Don't focus on motives that are all too famous

We all know this kind of travel blog on Instagram: there is someone there during his European trip, for example, in Paris, and rattles off all those locations that everyone really knows. On one's own side, the usual suspects appear as motifs: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Sacre-Cur etc.

Our advice: Leave the fingers of all too famous motifs from all too familiar perspectives on travelling. Because Instagram is already full of it. Set in places with high fame factor at one's own insights away from the trample paths. Or photograph well-known places from unfamiliar perspectives.

Give your Instagram travel the Personal Touch

Breathtaking sky panoramas, idyllic desert gorges, picturesque mountain lakes - natural footage is very popular with Instagram. But your followers are also concerned with being taken directly by you on the journey while looking. That's why they subscribed to your side.

Instagram travel pictures with personal touch

Our advice on natural photographs for Instagram: Always give your natural footage the personal touch by integrating yourself or your travel companion into the image composition. For example, by your hand on the edge of a panoramic image. Or by letting your legs dangle down from a rock into the idyllic gorge.

Be storytellers and snapshooter at the same time

Many bloggers on traveling on Instagram make the mistake of rowing up entirely imposing motives. Because they see themselves as a snapshooter, and too little as a storyteller.

Our advice on storytelling on Instagram: Don't just let your followers share your greatest visual impressions, and also integrate them into your everyday travel and give your page and postings the character of a continuous story. Tell little anecdotes about waiting at provincial stations or about the state of your shoes after three weeks of andentrekking. If you really want to take people with you, you have to be storyteller and snapshooter at the same time.

Set accents with apps, videos and multiple images per posting

Instagram also depends on playing sovereignly with various media possibilities. The cat in the old alley is funny? Even more funny, she may be if you animate one of her clean moves by boomerang.

Our advice on Instagram Photo-Apps: Use apps like Nachlicht, Boomerang, Snapseed or also layout to push the visual diversity of your blog. Also publish videos. And of course, occasional postings with multiple images that illuminate a place or moment from different angles.

Use hashtags targeted and not immeasurable

Hashtags are a great way to increase one's visibility on Instagram. However, caution is required.

Our advice on the use of Instagram hashtags: Never use more than ten hashtags for a posting to avoid acting like a like-desperado. Confine yourself largely to hashtags that are directly linked to motif and location. Additionally, use at most one of the hashtags popular in the scene of the Instagram travels like #reisenmachglücklich, but this is regularly.

Finally, it remains to say that the success of an Instagram posting is the motive and, of course, the commitment in the sum. Especially when you are still at the beginning it is difficult to get a right ride to a posting. For more engagement, we offer the possibility of Followersheaven Instagram Likes to Buy.

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