Our online payment kinds

followers ' header is just for one reason so fast! We have automated all processes, including payment methods. Only fast payment methods such as credit card, online transfer and cryptocurrencies allow us to order your ordered Socialmedia service automatically at one of our providers for you directly after your payment has been received by us-and all around the clock 24/7.

We use only trustworthy and 100% sure online Bezahlarten.

PayPal - sicher online bezahlenPayPal - sicher online bezahlen

Fondy: Credit card: Visa/Mastercard (3D Secure)

We subtract the currency credit card with our partner Fondy.eu. Fondy uses the highest safety standards like PCI or 3D-Secure. We store no credit card data with followersheaven, can get lost therefore also no data. We use exclusively highly coded data connections for transferring of the sensitive credit card information, because data security stands with us beside the customer friendliness quite far in front.

The 3D-Secure procedure is supported in principle by all banks. Some banks need an additional app:

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Immediate transfer (Mollie)

Can you buy Instagram likes? Online-Banking Data – simply certainly, simply smoooth. No input of long map numbers. No opening of an account. And with it no storage of customer data. No worries: You conclude with immediate transfer your order quite simply with your Online-Banking data. Immediately afterwards you receive a transaction confirmation and your order can be worked on directly. The input of your data occurs exclusively about a sure payment form to which followersheaven no access has. Klarna does not need to store these data and they are visible neither for us as a trader nor for other third, including the employee of Klarna. This highest security step is confirmed by the seal ""Checked data protection"" and the certificate ""Checked payment system"" of safety standards authority Saarland.

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giropay (Mollie)

In Germany it is paid online preferentially by transfer. 51% of the customers choose this payment method. The Giropay system supported by more than 1,500 banks at the German market is thereby a mode of payment popular it. Because the transfers occur on a real-time basis, are Payments by Giropay, moreover, 100% secured. The Bezahlart Giropay partner Mollie is unwound about our Payment for us.

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Of EP (Mollie)

In the Austrian e-commerce market alternative payment methods dominate. Most often payments are carried out by transfer and Of EP the most popular payment method for transfers in Austria is. Customers give of EP her trust because it concerns an initiative of the Austrian banks and the government.

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Kryptowährungen: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash (Coinbase.com)

Bitcoin is worldwide verbreitetste Kryptowährung. With the help of the trustworthy and market-leading marketplace Coinbase if it is simply a Cryptowallet for Kryptowährungen like Bitcoin, To put on Ethereum, Litecoin un Bitcoin Cash and to pay with it. The customers who make purchases via Kryptowährung with followersheaven.de pay as certainly and simply like with PayPal.