Game rules

The basis for our business model and thus the delivery of social media services (services) are the following legal texts:

These rules have been drawn up by a lawyer and formally constitute the legal basis for the provision of our services and the associated rules to be accepted by the customer when placing an order.

Our Code of Conduct

We work professionally, honestly, reliably and as quickly as possible. We operate on the Quid Pro Quo principle, i.e. as we perform services, we rely on the give and take principle, as do our clients, as procuring and reliably delivering our services 24/7 is a complex technical process. We expect fairness, courtesy and respect from our customers - we give the same to every customer we encounter - we promise!

Dishonest / fraudulent behaviour

Despite the many contractual provisions of our ordering process, however, we repeatedly make the observation that a few, few buyers want to take advantage of our service dishonestly or fraudulently. Persons who behave fraudulently or deceptively towards will be excluded from our service with immediate effect and banned for life. The persons will be kept in a so-called exclusion list / block list by us. Attempts to technically circumvent this list will be punished with criminal charges.

We inform on this side about offences & deception attempts, which lead to the immediate exclusion from our service & lifelong technical blockage:

  • Fondy: Opening a chargeback with our credit card provider will also result in immediate blocking. Likewise, attempting to use a stolen credit card number is also punishable by lifetime suspension.
  • Some people try to get more services from us by complaining inappropriately ("Likes didn't arrive", "Your refill doesn't work" etc.) For those people to understand: our system is fully electronic, we get it when deliveries are incomplete, but we also measure accurately when deliveries are fully delivered. Those who try to place their scam and lie, which has already worked insanely well with other shops, with us will be excluded from our services for life.
  • Form of communication: you can talk to us about everything. But please in an appropriate tone, who is rabble flies out - that's even in every beer pub so
  • Inappropriate form of communication includes:
    • Capital letters: these represent shouting. We do not let ourselves be shouted at
    • Exclamation point: represents yelling. We will not be shouted at
    • Threats, imperative or insults: will not be tolerated - immediate expulsion with no chance of unblocking.
    • Vocabulary like "taking the piss" etc. - this is below our level, you can use this speech at home
    • Bombardment with emails: we operate like a normal business during business hours and respond appropriately. Some people don't realize that we are not an instant messenger and get unreasonably impatient in communicating, sending us emails every minute - we don't want that.

In short: be nice to us and we will be nice to you :-)