Wie Du den Instagram Algorithmus strategisch nutzt

How to strategically use the Instagram algorithm

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks: the photo and video service has one billion users around the world, 15 million of them in Germany alone. If you want to be noticed online, you can't get past Instagram. But success does not come automatically with a few aesthetic images. Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular Hashtags in the world, which is why we explain how you use the Instagram algorithm in your favor and what role Instagram Hashtags play in this.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

The Instagram algorithm wants to show each user the most important Posts for him, so that he spends as much time on the platform as possible. That's why the pictures and Videos on the homepage are no longer chronological, but ordered by relevance. This is because most users follow a large number of profiles, but hardly have the time to look at every single new post. The competition is great. The algorithm therefore sorts all new Posts, whereby it different criteria taken into account.

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One of the most important success factors is the number of Likes and comments. They show the Instagram algorithm that the respective post is particularly popular and therefore could be of high probability interesting for other users. Interactions that occur shortly after the publication of your post are particularly relevant. So quantity and speed count. Success on Instagram is no coincidence, because the algorithm evaluates measurable criteria. You can take advantage of this functionality and increase your visibility and number of followers.

How do Instagram Hashtags work?

How do Instagram Hashtags work?

Instagram Hashtags are also among the important success factors. They ensure that even users who do not yet follow your profile can quickly find your Content. The social network allows users to search specifically for Hashtags and to follow their favorite Hashtags. If you follow an Instagram Hashtag, you will see the most popular posts with this Hashtag in your Timeline - from profiles that you do not follow.

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This way users become aware of interesting Accounts. In order for you to successfully target your target group, the Hashtags must accurately reflect the respective image content and also fit your entire Account. For example, if you have an athlete Lifestyle profile, #beer is less suitable than #lovesports or #gymlife.

Which Hashtags should I use?

Too many indiscriminate Hashtags act quickly as a deterrent. Therefore, you should select your Instagram Hashtags specifically. On the one hand, they have to match your Content, but on the other hand they should also have a long reach. A Hashtag that only a handful of people have used so far will do you little good. Therefore, a search is useful to select successful Hashtags. With the free tool of Influencer Marketing Hub you can find out in no time how popular a Hashtag is. Just give it up of this page and already relevant statistics are shown to you. Here you can see if you can reach many people and which comparable Hashtags with possibly more reach exist.

Why should I buy Instagram Likes?

The functionality of Instagram Algorithm means for operators of profiles on the platform: if you simply post blind, you will most likely not be seen. To increase your reach, from now on, each of your photos or Videos must collect as many interactions as possible within the first half hour after publication. The Instagram algorithm interprets this Feedback in the form of Likes as a sign of relevance. As a result, your post appears in higher positions with your followers, at the same time it is displayed more often to users who follow your Instagram Hashtags. With this strategy you increase your reach in the long term, because you are seen more often and thus get more followers. So far, you only get a few Likes and comments on your Posts? Then You can at followers heaven Buy Instagram Likes. This allows you to quickly and with little effort generate the signals that the Instagram algorithm pays attention to.

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