Instagram Bilder bearbeiten - die besten kostenlosen Apps

Edit Instagram Pictures - Best Free Apps

A quick story from the concert, a snapshot of the lovingly prepared meal or recordings of a professional shoot: Instagram is home to all such images. However, many users do not want to upload the "raw" recording. You want to edit the photos (and videos). We'll show you the best free apps with which you can edit Instagram pictures - sorted by quality and effects.

Preface: Instagram itself hardly offers any suitable editing tools

As a platform meant for image uploading, Instagram has an amazing flaw. There are hardly any tools in the app to edit your pictures. For example, you can add text and primitive effects to the stories. Unfortunately, this is not enough for ambitious projects. So you have to use another app to edit Instagram pictures. The standard iOS and Android photo apps have more editing options than Instagram, but they're not good either. With Android, the quality varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.

Optimize the quality of Instagram pictures - the best free apps


Snapseed - free photo editing app from Google

This app comes directly from Google. It offers all common editing options from filters to HDR effects to image repairs. The default settings with which this app was equipped are also really helpful. "Face optimization", for example, works out the corresponding parts of your motifs. Selfies look a lot better this way. The "selection tool" is also useful. You can mark any object on your picture and change its brightness. If your new puppy is to appear in the Instagram story with a halo, for example, this will be possible without any problems.

Snapseed on Google Play


Afterlight - free photo editing app for Android

This app offers everything you need to effectively edit your Instagram photos on the subject of light. For example, you can edit brightness, contrasts, saturations or shadows. Afterlight's numerous filters are clever presets that help you quickly achieve the desired result. The "Fusion" function allows you to bring your favorite filters together and make your pictures unique in this way.

Afterlight on Google Play


Aviary free photo editing app on Google Play

This app is ideal for all users who have no experience editing Instagram images. It is specially designed for beginners and offers stickers and frames as core functions. Contrasts, brightness and shadows can also be edited. The application also allows certain areas of the image to be blurred. You can take portraits yourself this way.

Aviary on Google Play

Add effects to Instagram pictures - these free apps are great


This app is specially designed for stories and offers a large catalog of effects. What is really practical is that the app is organized by categories. For example, you can choose between quotes and travel. You can quickly find the right effect templates for your editing project.


In principle, the app only offers a single function (in addition to some easy editing options), but this is ingenious: You can merge images and arrange them however you like. For example, if you have attended a party and want to post a self-made poster of the best pictures on Instagram as a reminder, Layout is the right app for you.

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