Instagram Reels - a real competitor to Tik Tok?

Posted by Lars Denzer On

Instagram Reel vs. Tik Tok

With Instagram Reels launched in August 2020, the Instagram world has become richer with another posting format. Among the Instagram community, Instagram Reels now seem to be perceived as serious competition to TikTok. Wish or reality? Justified hype or merely a TikTok offshoot? The following overview sheds light on Instagram Reels and explains how influencers can leverage them for reach. Instagram reel views and Instagram reel likes are elementary.

What are Instagram Reels and what is important when creating them?

Similar to what TikTok does, Instagram Reels are short videos that are inspirational to followers and those who want to become followers. The clips may have a duration of 15 to a maximum of 30 seconds and are designed to cast a fishing line for Instagram Reel Views and Instagram Reel Likes. The challenge of creating an Instagram reel is that it should have a high persuasive power from the start.

There are few limits to creativity when creating reels and several video sequences can be edited together to form a reel. Instagram reels tell the story that influencers & co. want to sell to a global community. The musical background plays an essential role by activating emotions.

How do Instagram reelsdiffer from classic TikTok videos?

One of the most significant differences between the two video formats is the average audience targeted by a post. This is significantly younger on TikTok, with an age range of around 13 to 24, compared to Instagram's target audience of 24 to 35.

Instagram has created a format with the Instagram Reel that places messages precisely and crisply to the point. This is achieved through the much shorter duration of a reel. The 15 to 30 seconds on Instagram compares to 60 seconds for a TikTok video. With the reel, the post visitor should only be given a short amount of time to be prompted to take action by the video impulse. For influencers, one can be evident in Instagram Reel Likes in addition to Instagram Reel Views.

In addition, Instagram offers a library of music that can be used to underpin the reels and, at best, lead to numerous Instagram Reel Likes. Effects are also available on the part of Instagram to a manageable extent. TikTok's offering for music and effects is many times more extensive. These editing modes are complemented by attractive editing techniques and special filters.

How can Instagram reelsbe created?

Reels can be created via the Instagram camera, as it is also used for creating an Instagram Story. After activating the Reels mode, the editing tools are available. In addition to the music library and the gallery to AR effects, the individual elements can be freshly arranged and the speed adjusted. The latter is possible both upwards and downwards. Via the timer option, hands-free recordings are possible.

Instagram Reels can be recorded completely or as series clips. Furthermore, a video upload from the gallery is possible. Last but not least, the finished reel is shared.

How do influencers increase their reach?

A good approach is to use high-reach hashtags, post at a time when the target audience is online, use portrait formats and encourage followers to like as well as share the reel. However, to succeed as an influencer, time is one of the biggest enemies. Due to this, quick solutions are required in most cases. Influencers can therefore buy Instagram reel views or reel likes. This way, the process of getting increased reach in a quick way can be streamlined significantly. Nevertheless, the posted Instagram reels should be exciting, creative and fascinating.