Create an Instagram story - this is how it works

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Create an Instagram story - how does it work?

With Instagram Stories, you share the best stories from your life with users for 24 hours. So that you can get the best out of the contributions in this short period of time, you have access to editing features from the font to the face filter to GIF and location information. Here are the best tips for a big performance and a corresponding reach with your story.

What are Instagram Stories?

As soon as you open your Instagram app, you will first see the timeline with the posts from the accounts you have subscribed to. At the top, a bar with the profile pictures of the users who currently have an active Instastory is displayed.

Stories are a feature that allows private and business profiles to post short stories. 24 hours after publication, the stories that contain photos, videos or even boomerangs automatically disappear again. In contrast, your normal content remains permanently visible on your profile. See Instagram Stories as another platform in the social network with which you can increase your reach and interactions.

Why are Instagram stories so popular with followers?

Perhaps you have already considered creating your own Instastory or you don't quite understand why it has created such a hype. The reasons are numerous. You can post what is happening in your life in real time. Post full stories or just snapshots. Cool filters and other image processing options give you a lot of creative freedom. Another advantage: after a day everything is gone again. If you've actually posted an embarrassing Instastory, after a few hours everything will disappear into data nirvana - including interactions between users.

Creating an Instagram story - these are the basics

Creating an Instagram story is quick and intuitive. Tap the camera icon in the top left and take a photo or 15-second video. If you swipe left or right, you can put a filter under your photo. You choose the square with the face if you want to insert emojis or stickers. Choose Aa if you want to write a text with a different font solo or under the emojis. If you want to watch someone else's stories, just tap on the profile picture in the tab. There are also possible answers. Just tap "Send Message" while watching. Alternatively, you can use photos as possible answers directly under the stories. If you want to know what's going on in your home or in a trendy place, select the tab with the magnifying glass symbol for entering the location.

Features for Instagram stories - increase the reach with the right design

With good stories you achieve numerous interactions and thus an increased reach. How to use the functions correctly:
  • Face filters: You can make your video or your photos more interesting with effects, masks or the video with a voice distorter. Simply tap on the camera symbol, switch to the front camera and switch to the icon with the smiley face. The selection of face filters then appears on the edge of the display. Some of them can also be used with the main camera on the smartphone, of course you can also insert emojis here.
  • Location information: You achieve a better range with location information. Tap on the square with the face and select your location under Location. You can also insert the time, temperature or a hashtag in this way.
  • GIFs: Instead of emojis, you can use GIFs to spice up your story. Here, too, type in the square with the face and select trendy GIFs or use the search function.
  • Survey: Sensible to funny - a survey is fun and can increase your reach and interactions. Tap the square with the face, select the poll option and enter your question. You can choose yes or no as the answer options or you can adjust the answer options individually.
  • Boomerang: The feature snaps ten photos in a row and processes them into a video. With Boomerang, you don't have that much leeway when it comes to fonts and emojis.
  • Superzoom: The superzoom lets your camera get closer and closer. You can also use Superzoom to create your Instagram story and add sounds to it.

How can I upload and post pictures and videos from the gallery on Instagram Stories?

You don't always have to take live pictures on Instagram, you can access the photo album in your camera. Go to the camera symbol, swipe up on your display and look for the picture from your gallery.You can of course edit something here with a corresponding font and emojis. Tip: Choose the photos with the most interactions for the stories!

Back up Instagram stories

If you convert the story into a highlight, it remains permanently visible to other users - including the font and emojis. Select the three dots on the right in the story archive and select "Create highlight". You can mark your desired contributions with a tick. Then you give a title with the given font and then set the highlight. Other users see the story highlight in the middle of your profile.

On Instagram Stories, how can I see who has viewed the stories?

Some interactions are simply not wanted on an account. You can edit and define who can view your stories in the story settings. Select with a tick who you want to hide your stories from in the future. In the archive you can click on a single post and see how many users have viewed the post.