Shadowban bei Instagram vermeiden - nur wie?

Avoid Shadowban on Instagram - just how?

Shadowban At InstagramHow to avoid it

Your posts hardly get any Instagram likes? You might be wondering if you've been affected by the so-called Shadowban affected. Find out here what this ban is all about and how you can avoid it.

What is the Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram users understand the so-called Shadowban the restriction of the range. If suddenly only your Instagram followers posts and comments, it could be that you are affected by it. What's special is that you won't even know about the ban, so you won't receive any notifications from the platform, for example.
According to a statement from Instagram the Shadowban officially does not exist. However, many users are sure that it exists. They describe the phenomenon and have speculated about the causes. Most users attribute the restriction of their account's reach to a violation of the Communities Guidelines.
So it doesn't seem to happen randomly, but to follow a certain pattern. Before we get to how you can avoid the ban, you should find out if you are affected at all.

Am I banned from Instagram Shadowban affected?

If you don't have a large reach anyway, it's always possible that your posts are barely read.
However, if your posts have always had good visibility and this suddenly decreases with new posts, you should check it out.
The easiest way to do this is to work with friends who have an Instagram account. Because if you're logged in yourself, you can't tell, unfortunately. So ask another person to check your posts under the hashtags you use on Instagram under the hashtags you use. But make sure they are hashtags that are not used that often.
Now your posts should come up in a search for those tags. If they don't, you're most likely being blacklisted by the Shadowban affected.

Here's how to fix the problem

Are you already affected by the Shadowban you should check your posts for violations of the Communities Guidelines. For example, have you spread spam or used automated bots? Or have you chosen hashtags that violate the Communities Guidelines? Has your account been reported recently for spam or unauthorized content?

If you find anything that violates the guidelines, you should remove the posts in question. Then the only thing that helps is to wait, because usually the Instagram Shadowban disappears by itself after about two weeks, provided of course that you have found the cause and there is no further violation of the Communities Guidelines.

How can I prevent the Instagram Shadowban from hitting me?

The easiest way to avoid the problem is to follow the Communities Guidelines. But even if you don't distribute illegal content, you can still be affected by the ban. It also happens to users who post too much or follow a lot of people in a short period of time. Instagram then suspects that an automated bot is behind your account and not a real person.

Conclusion: If you suddenly have no Instagram Likes and your posts no longer have any reach, you might be affected by the Shadowban Affected. The problem can occur if you have violated the Communities Guidelines. If you have fixed the cause, the effect will disappear by itself after about two weeks.
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