Störungen bei Instagram behoben

Disturbances with Instagram repaired

Yesterday a quite strenuous day was for all Instagram user. The service was accessible about hours not or only restrictedly. Appropriate news main entrances like report about a regular blackout of the services Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The disturbance with Instagram is over - now it is worth again Instagram likes shop!

Spring: reports about the sturgeon case on the 03/04/2019

For Instagram of users the disturbance presented itself in such a way that no picture upload could be carried out, pictures from Newsfeed and stories were absent also.

How is the topical state of the disturbance with Instagram?

State today morning all services are available again and can be used. The cause for the blackout have not been announced yet. There is of course supposition about specific attacks as for example DDOS on the platforms of Mark Zuckerberg - the way of the disturbance would speak for it. On the disturbance side of Facebook it was published that the disturbance came about by servicing works - does ask itself only who has pulled there probably the wrong cable? :-)

Facebook disturbance announcement - instagram follower shop, instagram likes shop


Today we wish a happy Insta-Day and a lot of pleasure with our services our users.

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