Tik Tok vs. Instagram - wo liegen die Unterschiede?

Tik Tok vs. Instagram - what are the differences?

Young people love it: within minutes, with the help of colorful filters, stickers and an extensive music library, a short video is created and played out to a multitude of like-minded people. In a hectic and fast-paced world where people's attention span is only a few seconds anyway, Tik Tok takes advantage of exactly this point. Who wants to watch a YouTube video that lasts several minutes when they can watch dozens of clips on Tik Tok in the same amount of time? Due to its rapidly increasing popularity, it is worth comparing it with the successful Instagram platform.

Similarities between Instagram and Tik Tok

Neither Instagram nor Tik Tok is about the dull number of followers, likes and comments. Both platforms give you the opportunity to fully express yourself creatively and express your personality with the help of pictures and videos. You can share other people's posts with Instagram likes andTik Tok Likescomments, or share ideas. Hashtags let you discover new content or people you never would have found.

Differences between Instagram and Tik Tok


Of course, there is some overlap in terms of the demographics of the two platforms. However, the account with the highest number of users in the world already indicatesTik Tok fans Charli D'Amelio is only 17 years old herself and appeals to a very young target group. This observation runs through the entire app. Just under half of the global users are between 13 and 24 years old and predominantly female. Influencers who have a target group like this in particular should be intensively involved with Tik Tok in particular. Instagram users, on the other hand, are significantly older on average.


While Instagram was originally a platform where you could share the latest pictures with your friends and followers, this has since changed. In addition to longer videos that you can post on IGTV, there is now the possibility, similar to Tik Tok, to create short clips with a lot of colorful filters and cool music, the so-called Instagram Reels. This is very reminiscent of creating your own content for Tik Tok and is also specifically promoted by Instagram, in which reels are played out to a large audience.

Basically, everything appears more orderly and structured on Instagram. However, the intuitive operation of the Tik Tok app is probably one of the secrets of its success. Based on yourTik Tok views and Likes awarded, a single swipe will show you a new clip that you're likely to like.


The difference in age groups shown above also inevitably leads to different content being published on the respective platforms. While Tik Tok's primary goal is to entertain you, on Instagram you can now find informative content on almost any topic. However, the two platforms are converging more and more, combining fun entertainment with exciting information.


Another key difference is the algorithm, which roughly speaking determines how visible your shared content is on the respective platform. Basically, it can be said that your own posts on Instagram lose reach after a certain amount of time and are shown to fewer people. The Tik Tok algorithm, on the other hand, works completely differently: if, for example, an old video of yours gets a lot of likes, views andTik Tok Shares it can go viral even after a few months.

Future outlook Tik Tok vs. Instagram

It remains to be seen if and when Instagram will be overtaken by Tik Tok. However, it can be assumed that the Tik Tok platform will continue to gain in popularity and will be another option for companies and self-employed people in particular to spread their own message in the future. This is especially true if Tik Tok eventually makes advertising options available to everyone.
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