How do I delete my Instagram account and how do I keep my Instagram account clean?

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How do I delete Instagram followers?

If you like to upload photos to Instagram, you will be happy if he gets a lot of Instagram Likes for it. But what about unloved followers and Likes? In some situations, it makes sense to keep the Instagram account clean. How to do this, you will learn here.

How do I delete my Instagram account?

You have enough of the social media use on Insta and want yourDelete Instagram Accountor at least want a break first? Then you need to log in to the Instagram help area. You can do yourDelete Instagram Accountor deactite via the app itself or through the browser. In the help area, you select the menu item "Manage Account". There you will receive two options: yourDelete Instagram Accountor deactite.

How do I delete my Instagram account

Have you decided to do yourDelete Instagram AccountYou choose a reason to do so. Finally, you confirm your selection by entering your password and clicking on "permanently delete account". If you decide to deactivate your Insta account, your profile will simply disappear until you log in again.

How do I block an Instagram user?

You get stupid or low-level messages from an unknown user, or you feel stalked? Then you can just block other Instagram users. Go to the profile of the user you want to block. In addition to his user name, you will see three small points. If you click on it, you can select the block function. Once you have confirmed them, this user will not be able to find you and your posts. You do not see the profile of the user in question anymore. The blocked person does not receive a separate message about it.

How do I delete followers from my Instagram account?

Would you likeDelete Instagram Followersfrom your subscription list, you can do this in two different ways. Go to your account settings first. There you will see the possibility to put your account on private. Move the slider to the right to make your Instagram account private. Then you open your subscription list and search the followers of you from the list you want to delete. Click on the three small points next to the user name and confirm that you want to delete the selected person as a follower. Now you can put your profile back on public or leave it private.
The second way to get InstaDelete followersto be able to use the block function. When blocking, a user is automatically thrown out of the followers list. If you have only deleted a user, but not blocked, he will be able to continue to see your profile and which contributions will be made by others or commented on.

How do I delete Likes from my post?

Unfortunately, you can'tDelete Instagram Likesin your posts. You can access posts where you have a "Like", and you can remove it, but your own contributions don't. If you leave unreasonable comments under your posts or photos, you can report and block them. You can delete comments you have made with yourself at any time. Even if you're blocking another user, his given likes will be kept on your Instagram account. To prevent others that you don't like liking with you, you should create your account settings directly from the account. Attention: To quickly find photos that you like quickly, a liking is not absolutely necessary. This is enough to simply save images. If someone saves your photos, you don't see that.