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At Followersheaven you get YouTube Views / YouTube clicks to buy or Youtube views for your YouTube Videos at fair prices and delivered promptly and at fair prices. Our YouTube clicks are useful for influencers, companies and also individuals who want to increase their reach by additional views. followers, heaven is a McAfee with the Seal of approval Trusted-Checkout certified online shop. We place the highest value on security and trustworthiness.

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The orders are immediately executed in the supplier system of our providers 24/7: depending on the product, it takes a few minutes to hours before the delivery starts.

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We convey Views of high-quality and active Accounts: real YouTube viewers, which perform not only Engagement but also real Feedback such as Likes (HQ Service).

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Buy YouTube clicks: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should I buy YouTube clicks?

The short answer: buying YouTube clicks increases the reach of your video and Channel.

The long answer: according to the Alexa Global Ranking, YouTube is number 2 on the Internet, right after Google and ahead of net giants such as Facebook and Wikipedia. 1.3 billion Videos in 31 million YouTube channels compete for viewers ' attention.

Every single Minute, the uploaded Content increases by 300 hours. YouTube receives 5 billion views per day. All these facts show: on the platform, it's not easy for you to gain attention and reach with a small channel. There is a risk that your Videos will simply be overlooked.

Calls, clicks and subscribers are the raw material with which the YouTube- Algorithm evaluates Videos and helps YouTubers to increase visibility. If you supplement the normal calls and clicks of your subscribers with purchases, you provide the algorithm with additional raw material for a good rating.& nbsp;

What is the difference between clicks and Views?

Clicks and Views are practically the same in relation to a Video. Anyone who calls your Video (click) will also see it (View). You can see the number of views directly below the video title. However, there is a difference in terms of the advertising that is placed in or next to your Video. Here's a View means that a viewer sees the advertisement and a click, that the same viewer clicks on the Link in the advertisement. Advertisers can decide for themselves whether they want to View or bill by click.

Why should I buy YouTube clicks for followers to heaven?

The good rating by the YouTube algorithm is a natural consequence of a high number of clicks and brings numerous advantages for your channel. Whether the clicks are purchased or not does not matter. Well-rated Videos appear in the recommendations of viewers as well as in the list of Videos that are shown next without the user's intervention. This increases the visibility of your Videos enormously.

Last but not least, more clicks have a positive effect on advertising revenue. The only prerequisite for the positive effect: these are real calls from real people. In the case of followers in heaven, we offer you only high-quality real views. Some providers unfortunately proceed differently.& nbsp;

Is it safe to buy YouTube Views?

The click of a real account is recognized by YouTube as such and evaluated positively. In the worst case, the click of a bot has not only no positive, but a negative effect and is therefore not safe. If the algorithm detects the activity of a bot, this can lead to a devaluation of your channel. So you still pay for potential damage when you order Bot-generated clicks. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy only reputable To choose providers such as followers heaven.& nbsp;

Who should buy YouTube clicks?

Buying high-quality clicks for YouTube makes sense for any Content Creator who is committed to the cause and wants to increase the visibility of their Videos. Especially a small channel benefits from the boost effect, which can result from the purchase of clicks. Indirectly, more calls lead to more subscribers, which in turn lead to more calls. The purchase helps you to set a positive effect loop in motion.

When Will my YouTube Views be delivered?

The delivery of your YouTube Views normally begins immediately after receipt of payment and at the latest 24 hours after receipt of payment. When checking the views, remember that the display on YouTube does not necessarily correspond to the state of affairs in real time.

Validation of high-quality clicks by the algorithm as well as removal of low-quality clicks from Bots can take several hours. YouTube is talking about the" frozen view count", i.e. a frozen count of views. In case of suspected delivery difficulties, simply contact our Support and we will take care of it promptly.

Do your YouTube clicks disappear again?

No. Only low-quality clicks from Bots are removed by the algorithm. Each click of a subscriber or calls to real viewers from the delivery of the followers of heaven will remain. Our 90 day Refill warranty gives you extra security.

Do the Views on YouTube increase the Likes and comments of my video?

Yes. The connection between Views and clicks and Likes and comments, on the other. If you choose followers heaven as a provider, the Views of real people. The more viewers see your Videos, the more potential comments and Likes. Important: we also offer YouTube Likes as a separate service to buy. The same applies to Shares.& nbsp;

What requirements does my YouTube Video have to meet?

In order for the YouTube Views to be registered with you, you must allow Embedding or embedding as well as unlock all countries. The requirements are fulfilled by adopting the default settings. So if you haven't set any restrictions so far, there's nothing else to do. If you are not sure, you will find the restrictions in your settings overview. There you can also disable them if necessary.

Can blocked users still see my Videos?

Yes. If you block a user, they can no longer send you messages and no longer post comments under your Videos. Watching the Videos remains possible. But that should not bother you any further. After all, every organic view of YouTube is positively registered.& nbsp;

Is it legal to buy YouTube Views?

Yes. To buy organic Views from the range of followers to heaven, is completely legal. Our video clicks are not suitable for monetizing Videos for security reasons and therefore not able to perform a scam on YouTube.

Is it serious to buy YouTube Views?

Yes. Buying Likes, Views and Shares is a normal part of the professional self-marketing of many influencers on YouTube. Only the use of Bots is dubious and can therefore also be punished by YouTube by devaluations of a Video or channel.& nbsp;

How many YouTube Views should I buy?

The amount of a meaningful number of purchased calls depends primarily on the size of your channel. When buying, make sure the number of Views matches the number of your subscribers. Look around at your direct competition. This includes any channel of comparable reach from Germany, which uploads content from a similar topic area as you. By comparing your competitors you get a good feeling for realistic ratios of subscribers, Views and Likes.& nbsp;

Is it worth buying Views and Likes together?

It can be quite useful to buy Likes in addition to the Views. First, determine which organic increase in Likes results from the additional calls. If you are not satisfied with the Ratio, you can buy the Likes separately from us.& nbsp;

How much can I earn with YouTube Views?

Views or clicks are the basis for your advertising revenue. Only very rough average values for earnings can be given seriously. YouTube itself does not publish any Details. A meaningful target value is a turnover for the Content Creator of one Euro per 1,000 views.

When selecting the ad formats, it is important to develop a little sensitivity. Many influencers have had good experiences with video ads that can be skipped after five minutes. Ads that cannot be skipped are highly rated by YouTube if a viewer actually looks at them. However, quite a few users lose patience and leave the Video immediately because they do not want to wait that long - typically 30 seconds.

Bumper ads require much less patience from the viewer. They appear at the beginning of your video and last only six seconds. In addition, you can choose Display ads right above the Video as well as Overlay ads for your channel. Overlays are only displayed in the bottom fifth of the video and can be clicked away.

How do I get Instagram Likes?

The purchase of Call is the provider followers heaven at attractive prices possible. Even for a few euros you get high-quality calls of active Accounts from Germany and all over the world. The activity of the user accounts should not be underestimated. As in other areas, YouTube heavily weights the actions and reactions of active accounts.

Will my purchases be charged once?

Yes. You buy, receive and pay for a single service: the delivery of calls for your channel in the desired quantity. After that, you do not have to cancel, unsubscribe or do anything else if you choose us as a provider.& nbsp;

Followers, heaven is a part of YouTube?

No, we are an independent German provider of high-quality Social media products for your channel on YouTube and your appearance on Instagram. There is no legal dependence on these platforms.

What do I have to pay attention to when ordering?

The ordering process is simple and self-explanatory. But in any case, check the following three points:

1.) the purchase is intended for a normal and publicly visible Video on YouTube.
2.) the Video belongs to your normal and publicly visible channel.
3.) The Link actually leads to your Video. It is best to copy the Link directly from the address line in the Browser.

Quick Help

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday within the official opening hours of 9 and 18 O'clock in case of questions by e-mail. We answer all questions as quickly as possible.

100% safe and discreet

& nbsp;as a social media marketing agency from Germany, we measure ourselves against high quality standards and would like to pass them on to our customers. Data and transaction security are very important to us..

Invoice with VAT

With us you will receive a correct invoice from a German company with a reported VAT for each order. The invoice is available for download as PDF immediately after ordering.

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