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TikTok followers to buy

Build a fan base - create trust

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International TikTok Followers

  • International profiles, medium quality
  • 100% safe and discreet
  • Just send the link to your TikTok profile (e.g. Enter profile and select the desired quantity
  • Delivery usually starts between 1-8h after ordering
  • Good TikTok profiles, some with photos, public and private profiles

You get after the order international  TikTok followersfor your public TikTok profile automatically.

By ordering TikTok followers you assure us that your TikTok profile ispublic accessible.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TikTok followers

TikTok subscribers buy from followersheaven? Are your followers unfollowing or staying?

Our TikTok subscribers are available in different quality levels. The subscribers come from international sources, in the future we will also offer real German subscribers that can be purchased on our website. So all your clips, videos, dances and songs will be made available to an ever growing audience. With the purchased subscribers will also follow more and real TikTok followers.

What are the advantages of buying TikTok subscribers or TikTok followers?

A major advantage of buying TikTok subscribers is the guarantee that your profile will not look "empty" for now. You can see via the TikTok app how many followers are following you and thus more and real ones will follow if you regularly post videos and songs on TikTok. So you build up your popularity step by step with some support from outside - that saves the effort to get the first followers especially in the beginning.

Can it happen that TikTok blocks me after I have bought followers?

Buying TikTok subscribers must match the number of your videos. So your audience should not be smaller than your Likes and Views on your clips. In order for you to grow your audience in the future, it is important that your content, that is, your content is authentic and matches the people in your target audience. The actual purchase of subscriptions from us is without risk, but we recommend that you buy smaller amounts of subscribers first.

Why buy from Followersheaven?

If you want to buy TikTok views, likes or followers, you will often come across black sheep in the industry. You should be especially careful here, as most providers have neither German support nor an imprint with contact details - and can therefore do whatever they want with customers in Germany from abroad. Therefore, with Followersheaven, trust a social media marketing agency based in Germany. Our customer service will be actively available to you during our opening hours on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Why should I buy TikTok Fans?

Similar to TikTok Hearts and TikTok Views, a high number of followers attracts attention. Other users are more interested in profiles that are followed by other TikTok fans. The majority must be right :-)
With a combination of TikTok followers, TikTok hearts and TikTok views you increase your reach, more users see your short videos and like them. Before you know it, your follower count will increase.

What types of online payment can I use to buy?

With online payment of the ordered products / services in our store money is transferred to us. The order will be triggered automatically and the TikTok followers will be delivered to your account. It is important that all the necessary information during the ordering process and the completion of the payment methods - especially the TikTok profile address - is correctly transmitted to us. The TikTok profile must be set to public.

Can TikTok followers / TikTok subscribers be purchased with PayPal at followersheaven?

Unfortunately this is not possible, because PayPal does not want to support the business model socialmedia services anymore. We offer as payment methods Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, credit card or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in our store. After online purchase with one of the listed payment methods, we start the TikTok accounts as followers on your profile.

How fast will my Tik Tok followers be delivered?

The delivery runs automatically with us. This means for you that you can order 24h, around the clock, from Monday to Sunday. As soon as the order is received by us, the processing starts. The duration of the delivery varies depending on the product. For Tik Tok fans it usually takes 1 to 8 hours until the delivery starts. You as a user just have to sit back and wait for your new followers and in the meantime you can use your opportunities on other platforms to gain more fans for TikTok. Our tip: refer to your profile on TikTok on Instagram. Maybe one or the other follower hasn't come across you there yet ;-)

When should I buy TikTok fans?

Like most social media platforms (like Instagram), it's all about being fast. As you can see in the product descriptions, it takes a few hours for your followers to arrive. This also promotes your credibility accordingly. Because your network also needs up to 24 hours to react to your clip. Your clip is online? Then right now. Your future users will not only look at how many fans you already have, how many have already seen your short video and how many hearts you have already received for it, but also how many hours ago you put the video online. The younger your clip, the more exciting it is. There are millions of short videos on Tik Tok and yours should stand out so that millions of people can see your clip. And don't forget to share your new video on the other platforms. Use your network. Every fan and every view is important to expand your reach.

Does it make sense to buy a lot of TikTok followers quickly?

Fast growth always looks a bit unnatural, especially at the beginning of your activity. The number of TikTok Likes and TikTok Views must be in relation to the number of fans, so you should keep in mind that when you post a post, you should also give appropriate momentum to your profile through other TikTok services, otherwise the effect of organic growth will not happen. After all, you could be the next star in the sky of TikTok.

What do I have to consider if I want to buy TikTok followers at followersheaven?

First of all, it is important that your account is public. We cannot deliver TikTok followers from private accounts. It is also important that you transfer the correct URL. For example, the pro URL of a TikTok account looks like this: By ordering TikTok followers you confirm that you order the followers for your account and in your own name. After you have ordered the TikTok followers from us and they are received by you, other people, i.e. users, can also see your user numbers on your profile.