Money earn with Instagram - how does this go?

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The fact that Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks, is known. The fact that you can earn with it, however, also money - at best even properly a lot - maybe not yet. This article points you, as well as you can improve your income and earn money with Instagram.

How the money functions earn with Instagram?

With Instagram you can earn on different Wise money, primarily, nevertheless, with advertisement. Here we make a distinction between direct and indirect income. To the indirect income belong, for example, the free products which are sent you by enterprise, so that you report afterwards in an Instagram story about that. In this manner you have unambiguously a financial advantage because you must not buy the products to yourself. According to the subject area which you choose for your account you can also receive free tickets for concerts, theatrical performances and the like. Often you get even VIP's tickets, so that you can also look behind the scenery of such an event. All this makes your Instagram to profile of course excitingly for any followers with interest in your subject.

Nevertheless, the direct income is even more importantly. Here there are clearly more possibilities for you to earn money with Instagram. If we more exactly look the best sources of income once.

Money earn with Instagram - direct income

First a small overview:
  • paid-up contributions
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertisement for own products
  • Merchandising
  • paid-up Shoutouts
  • Photo sales

Paid-up contributions

Numerous services pay to you money per post. Here it depends on the fact how many follower you have. Show to you once the offers of share pop or Ranksider in. In the USA it is, for example, a current practise to pay for Posts. An Instagramer which has, for example, 5,000 followers gets here per post 10 dollars. You can work out to yourself what is there for you in it.


Sponsorship arises with great success mostly by itself. Here enterprises pay a certain sum - this can be also monthly - with it you introduce the products, tests or quite in general about the enterprise report. Sponsorship shows therefore a very stable source of income for which you must dispose, however, really of a very good reach.

Advertisement for own products

This is often the beginning of a rather good salary. Whether E-Books, dream catcher or even services - if you promote your own business via Instagram you can raise the number of your new customers really terrifically. Cleverly drawn up, this is a guarantor for success.


Also this possibility is considered rather when you already have a substantial fan base which would buy Merchandise products from you. If this keeps in the back of the head, if you only start, because, on this occasion, it concerns a rather lucrative source of income.

Paid-up Shoutouts

If you already have a little bigger reach, you can sell to other Instagramern Shoutouts. With Shoutouts it concerns the Verlinkung of other Instagram accounts, so that these new followers agree. This is worthwhile particularly if similar subjects are served.

Photo sales

As a photographer you can achieve good income with your photos. Instagram accounts with great photos are liked, mostly numerous followers and Likes have and wake up of course also the interest of enterprise or agencies who are in search of good photos. Maybe it are also a Reiseblogger and bottom test often amusing landscapes or animal pictures? Make use of your talent and sell your photos!

How many follower do I need to earn money with Instagram?

This is very individual and strongly comes on the subject. 5,000 followers and more are exceedingly helpful, one wants to earn money. Look in addition, nevertheless, sometimes our offer. Thus you make this number quick and can earn with the money with Instagram begin.

How many Likes have to go on the Postings as an Influencer?

There is really enterprise which pay after number of the Likes. Indeed, this might not be so decisive in future any more, because stands currently still in the space whether Instagram Likes should be still used generally. Till then is valid: From 500 Likes per post you perceptibly get more money.

Who pays the Instagram Influencer?

Depending on on which source of income you decide your own customers or just enterprises or agencies pay for you. The beauty in the money earn with Instagram is, that you several sources of income infer with each other and thus your profit substantially can increase.

What is the difference between Influencer and Micro-Influencer?

Influencer and Micro-Influencer differ not really basically. Micro-Influencer are all those which have from 1,000 to maximum 999.999 followers. Therefore, Macro-Influencer have more than 1,000.0000 follower. One can say that Influencer have up to 999 followers and rather low chances to earn really good money with Instagram.

How much money can one earn with Instagram?

The most important question in the end must be answered with a rather dissatisfactory statement, because the chances to earn money depend on numerous factors like subject, profile, quality, follower, Likes and possible combinations. Therefore, reaches the span of the possible salaries of a small extra income up to several thousand euros. The more professionally you build up your Instagram business, the higher also your salary chance. Logically, or?

Result: Instagram is a social network with which you really have realistic chances to earn money. For the start it is maybe worthwhile, on some Instagram follower shoporInstagram Likes shop. Then it also works fast with Sponsoring & Co. We wish you a lot of success!