Getting more Instagram commitment - how is that going?

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More commitment to Instagram - how's that going?

Instagram has not only firmly established itself in social media marketing. With the right Instagram commitment, you can reach your target group quickly and easily. This article shows you how to Instagram Engagement Rate increases and can measure success.

What is Instagram Engagement?

A high range is the target of all Instagram users. The basic requirement for this is a high commitment. That means you're generating a lot of interactions on your own contributions. The more Instagram followers leave you valuable Instagram Likes, the higher the commitment rate. But Instagram Likes are not the only indication of sufficient Instagram Engagement.

How do I measure my commitment rate?

Your Instagram success can be easily measured on different metrics. These include:

All the interactions you get on your contributions increase your commitment rate. However, creating the right engagement on one’s contributions is dependent on many factors you should know. These factors include the time of each post, but also the frequency of the same. In addition, the number of Instagram followers must be observed. Other factors include content, news and instagram algorithm Dar.

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You can also have your commitment rate measured by a tool: Instagram Engagement Calculatoror

Hypeauditor for Measurement of Instagram Engagement Rate


What is a good Instagram commitment rate?

You can easily calculate your commitment rate on Instagram. For this you only have to look at all the influencer contributions of the last 30 days and add the total number of Instagram Likes and comments per post. This amount must now be shared by the number of postings of the last 30 days. Now you've known the average engagements per post before. Now you have to do this number only by the number of Instagram followers per influencer (e.g. share yours and multiply the number received by 100. This will help you get the percentage out of what the commitment rate is. Sounds complicated? Then use a tool like socialkee, which shows you the commitment rate of each influencer.

In principle, the assessment of commitment rates applies to:

  • < 3% - low
  • 3%-6% - average
  • 6%-10% - high
  • > 10% - very high

So a good rate is between 6% and 10%. Here, one realizes that the target group is actually concerned with the contents. If you are committed to lower rates, you have to work urgently on your content.

How can I increase Instagram commitment?

If you are not satisfied with your commitment rate, you should take action to increase it. The following tips show you how to increase your Instagram commitment:

  • Use specific hashtags.
  • Build up a community by interacting with your Instagram followers.
  • Look at a uniform profile that fits your target group.
  • Follow channels that match your target group.
  • Watch out for high quality postings with added value.
  • Use direct messages.

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The Instagram Engagement is important and should be optimized. Strive to a commitment rate between 6% and 10%. Use tools to measure your commitment, get to know the rate of other influencers, and so maybe find out who you want to work with. Use the possibilities Instagram offers you! Numerous tools help you simplify work processes. It is important in any case that you stay in conversation with your target group and serve the interests cleverly. That may cost a little time, but it definitely pays off. We wish you a lot of success in increasing your Instagram commitment.